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as we continue with the mission of project unlabeled : i define me, once a week - from now till the end of the year - we will be featuring black women in our community. strong, resilient, compassionate, creative women who echo the project unlabeled message that "i am who i am and i will be who i choose to be," and that that is enough!
no better person to start with than a local child advocate and model - raganda washington. 
I am Raganda Washington—a small girl with huge dreams. I am passionate about enhancing the quality of life for families, especially children. I truly believe in the gift of education. My accomplishments have not come easy. I’ve overcome obstacles such as teasing, discrimination, and doubt to name a few. With resilience I’ve been able to earn my Masters of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, and have been employed with the State of Oklahoma since 2006 working to save the lives of children. My self-appreciation and self-confidence have been the nucleus of my success. The drive in earning an education and the benefits of learning and being a student is a blessing no one person, thing or event can ever take from you. An important journey in my life is becoming one spiritually within my yoga practice, which entails strengthening my mind, body and soul. Without motivation and determination I would not be where I am today. I truly hope my personal journey lights a flame that will catch fire with anyone I am privileged to come into contact with."
she really reminds me of one of the young girls from project unlabeled who did the big chop in 7th grade and was teased and bullied for it. the child is STUNNING and a proud member of team ‪#‎shorthairdontcare‬ ! "
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